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An AOK bestowed on me

One thing I really dislike about my job are the customers. But there are the ones who know me on a first name basis who really make it special sometimes. So customers are also what I really like about my job.

We're our most busiest during rush hour, and if you don't get caught up and help people and get them on their way it backs things up. Well I was left to take care of customers with little hope of help as everyone else who would normally help were busy preparing for the inventory check the next day (a big important annual thing).

Things are going smoothly. I'm going back and fourth from the counter to the drive-thru window when I help a woman and see that there is nothing for her to pick up (medications). I realized it was a tricky situation where we would not be able to dispense something she was meant to pick up several days earlier. I tried to explain with as much empathy as I could but she was very adamant. She mentions that so-and-so was going to be in a race the next day, and leave for a flight first thing in the morning and needed the medication. I explained again as rationally as I could the situation as well as apologizing. At this point the line at the counter and drive-thru are getting longer. She asks to speak to a manager and he has to tell her the same thing I have. She is screaming at this point for us to just give her some pills. I still remain calm and after she rejects my suggestions (see/call the doctor) she speeds off.

I go back to the counter and help people as usual then go back to the drive-thru when a woman who I thought was cutting in line walks directly up to the counter so I asked her if she had a question.

She handed me a packaged praline we sell in the front of the store and said that she heard what the other lady was saying and that I (and the other techs) work hard and don't deserve to be treated that way.

I'm so use to the angry hissy customers that it doesn't bother me anymore emotionally, but I was on the verge of tears when she handed that to me. It was an act of kindness that I hope I will one day return to a similar person in need.

And also it was delicious

Help Japan Community

This is a great community.  It is offering up auctions for fandoms like fan fiction, graphics, arts, and even foods.  There's so much here.  So, if you want to bid or offer up something, feel free to post into that community.

An act of Kindness

Well, the other day while I was walking to my car on Main Street, I see this old woman putting her wheelchair in front of a set of doors that's kind of narrow, the type that pulls, and on a step.  I asked her if she needed help and she said that she needed someone to hold the door open for her.  So, I did that and she thanked me.

I felt pretty good after helping her out since I didn't know how long would she have to wait until someone in the beauty salon would see her and open the door for her.
Sharing this post from another community.

Random thought of the day: Even if you never share your good deeds with others, write them down so you can remind yourself of the people you have helped when you're having a bad day.

But sharing is awesome. :)

What is an act of kindness?

I was in a crowded elevator this afternoon with a woman who had lost a hand. She did not have a replacement; it was just a stub covered by clothing. When I got on, she was trying to open a water bottle by gripping the top in her teeth and turning it, and water was spilling on the floor. In the process of doing this, she dropped a folder she was carrying under her arm. I picked up the folder and gave it back to her. No one else on the elevator had moved.

That got me thinking. Where do you draw the line between an act of kindness and simply being a decent human being?
Imagine that you are walking down the sidewalk and see a car parked by an expired parking meter. You have a spare quarter in your pocket and put it in the meter. With a few cents and a few seconds of your time, you have spared someone else an expensive ticket.

Of course, this isn't about money. How does it feel to receive an anonymous, supportive note? Perhaps you'll have a warm fuzzy feeling for the rest of the day. Compare that with the few seconds it took to write the note.

What other examples can you think of where a small investment can mean a big difference for another person?

Random Acts of Kindness ideas

I think that we should start posting.  Today is the last day of the year.  What random act of kindness are you going to do?

It doesn't have to be something big.  It can be something really small like a smile or a hug or even a positive comment for an entry. 

What are you planning to do today?